January 20, 2017 | Patient Stories
PCN workshop inspires patient to write a poem

Hendrik Albarda discovered what Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network has to offer after his family ...

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January 10, 2017 | Blog
Respiratory therapist offers tips on managing sleep apnea

by Kirsten Goddard, RRT, CRE, CTE Respiratory/Tobacco Educator As a respiratory therapist at Edmonton Southside Primary ...

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December 6, 2016 | Blog
Your health is the focus in a medical home

by Rhonda Philipenko Healthy Aging Nurse “Home” brings the hope of being taken care of. ...

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November 25, 2016 | Patient Stories
Workshop boosts brain health

Moving for Memory taught Carole and Archie Landals how important the relationship is between physical ...

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November 15, 2016 | Blog
Use our healthy aging staff as your navigator

by Brittany Faux Healthy Aging Social Worker In World War 2, my grandfather, David, served ...

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September 22, 2016 | Blog
Relationship with a family doctor is crucial for healthy aging

By Phyllis Footz Healthy Aging Nurse There are over 76 million baby boomers (those born ...

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August 3, 2016 | Blog
Why I teach relaxation

By Luc Therrien Behavioural Health Consultant What has convinced me to teach relaxation to everyone? ...

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April 26, 2016 | Patient Stories
Clinic staff feel like a family

Mercy Odusote considers herself as part of the Good Samaritan Seniors’ Clinic family. Since seeing ...

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April 1, 2016 | Patient Stories
Minimizing stress is key to a healthier life

At 97, Henry Schroder isn’t worried about his health. He still lives at home, shovels ...

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March 10, 2016 | Patient Stories
COPD patient becomes stronger with exercise

Sabine Brouillette credits her health team at Edmonton Southside PCN for saving her life. The ...

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