Foot clinic sees results

July 15, 2013: For immediate release

Edmonton, AB – A pilot clinic, which focuses on preventing serious foot and leg sores, is seeing an increased amount of patients because of its easy access through family doctor referrals.

Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network (PCN) opened the High Risk Lower Leg Assessment Clinic in September 2012, started with two half days a month and has seen increased demand. This physician and nurse practitioner led clinic, in partnership with occupational therapy services from Allied Health Community, Alberta Health Services (AHS), provides care to individuals who are at risk of developing chronic disease related ulcers.

In the past, only patients who already have ulcers could be seen by existing hospital-based clinics. What makes this clinic different is that it is community-based and focuses on preventing the ulcers before they happen. Foot-related ulcers can lead to serious problems with walking and in some cases, resulted in amputations.

“PCNs have a team approach to the patient’s care. This clinic uses the same approach with support from Alberta Health Services providing an occupational therapist. We’re seeing excellent results in our clinic, which helped 103 patients since September,” explained Sheri Fielding, Clinical Director of Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network.