Happiness Basics

Happiness Basics is a course that helps you boost your overall happiness. Learn how to make lifestyle changes and add new habits into your everyday life to create more joy.

Happiness Basics is based on the practice of positive psychology and has shown to improve participant’s mood and energy levels, boost mental health and promote happiness in all aspects of life.

In this creative and fun group, you will learn mindfulness techniques, ways to identify joy and how to incorporate pleasure into day to day activities. Learn how you can choose to have more positive experiences in your life and how be more engaged with those you care about.

Dates and Times

September 14

6:30 PM for eight weeks

November 02

6:30 PM for eight weeks

Format: Currently offered virtually only.

Cost: Free.

Time commitment: Eight weeks. One class per week. Each class is 90 minutes long.

How to register: Please call the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network at 780.395.2626 to register.