Group Prenatal Classes

The Group Prenatal Class is a program that is geared towards expecting parents who are more than 20 weeks along in their pregnancy. You will learn about the stages of labour, comfort measures, pharmaceutical options and you will have a chance to discuss medical interventions with trained professionals. Incorporating interactive activities, you will have the opportunity to work through a number of labour and birthing scenarios, tips for reducing discomfort, and different laboring positions.

Expecting parents will learn what life with a newborn is like and will be shown how to care for a baby including how to lift, support, diaper and dress a baby. Infant feeding with a focus on getting breastfeeding off on the right start will be explored. Self-care strategies and the importance of mental health during pregnancy and postpartum will be discussed as well strategies for physical activity.

What to bring:
- Your partner or support person
- A doll or stuffed animal

Dates and Times

January 14

6:30 PM for 6 weeks

February 25

6:30 PM for 6 weeks

Format: Currently offered virtually only.

Cost: Free.

Time commitment: Six weeks. One class per week. Each class is 90 minutes long.

Important note: The labour aspect of this group is focused on vaginal births and only touches on cesarean deliveries. Those who have planned cesarean birth are more than welcome to join but may wish to only attend the afternoon session that is geared towards caring for a newborn.

How to register: Please call the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network at 780.395.2626 to register.