Changeways for the Older Adult

Changeways for the Older Adult is a group designed to help you combat stress, anxiety and depression for adults 60+. Developed using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, you will learn skills to help challenge negative and distorted thinking in order to create a healthy lifestyle and build a good support network.

During this workshop, you will learn ways to boost your mood and overcome feelings of stress and anxiety. Group facilitators will teach you mindfulness techniques and how to incorporate relaxation into your life, while also talking about the importance of nutrition, exercise and self-care.

Participants will create weekly goals to practice in between classes and learn how to make sustainable changes to better their lives. As a group, we will discuss the changes that come with aging, life after retirement, and being a parent to adult children.

Format: Currently offered virtually only.

Cost: Free.

Time commitment: Eight weeks. One class per week. Each class is 90 minutes long.

Important note: You must attend a Changeways Information Session before registering for the group.

How to register: Please call the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network at 780.395.2626 to register.