What We Do

Vision – The trusted cornerstone of a healthy community.

Mission – To provide team-based primary care and work with our community to achieve the best health for all.

Edmonton Southside PCN has established multidisciplinary teams of highly trained nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists, exercise specialists and registered dietitians in most of the clinics who work together with family physicians to deliver comprehensive care to patients through programs and services. They provide care for patients with chronic diseases, mental health issues and to seniors.

Behavioural Health

Our behavioural health consultants (BHC) work with you and your health care team to support you if you are experiencing mental health problems, life stress, motivational issues or other concerns that are interfering with your life and overall health.
The BHC has special training in the behavioural management of health issues through brief interventions. Together, the BHC and your doctor can consider the relationship between the physical, behavioural and emotional aspects of your health concern and work with you to figure out a course of action that can help.


Our exercise specialists promote and prescribe physical activity to prevent and manage chronic health concerns.  They facilitate supervised exercise groups and will work one-on-one with our patients to assess their physical function and instruct on proper exercise technique and appropriate activities based on each patient’s individual needs. Exercise specialists hold at a minimum a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education or Kinesiology.

Healthy Aging Team

Our Healthy Aging Team consists of nurses and social workers who can answer questions about memory, mobility issues, finances, housing, driving, caregiver burden, abuse, Enduring Power of Attorney, personal directives and preparing for retirement.


Our nurse practitioners and primary care nurses work with your family doctor to help manage and provide advice on many conditions including diabetes, depression and high cholesterol. They can assist you with your overall health, monitoring and managing your chronic health conditions.


Our primary care dietitians are health professionals who counsel and support patients to make changes in their eating habits to promote health and prevent chronic illness. Whether you are trying to manage a medical condition, control your weight, feed your family, or read food labels, they can help you.

Respiratory Therapy

Our respiratory therapists work with your family doctor to help diagnose and/or manage respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD.   They can teach you how to control your lung disease in order to decrease your breathing problems so that you can live a healthier, active lifestyle.  Respiratory therapists are able to perform breathing tests, teach about inhalers and make referrals to other health programs such as pulmonary rehabilitation, stop smoking groups and lung health specialists when needed.