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Family Physician - Female and Male
Posted Jul 06, 2018 | January 31, 2019

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Family Physician - Female and Male

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2 Exciting Opportunities:

Full-time / part-time Female Physician, who can take over an existing panel and have the opportunity for women’s health consultant practice at our Currents of Windermere location.

Full-time / part-time Male physician to start building their practice at our busy Currents of Windermere location.

Imagine Health Centres operates medical clinics, pharmacies, allied health practices and medical real estate holdings throughout Alberta.
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$400k/year earning potential: Billing specialist in -house, Excellent staffing ratios, In-house speciality interests allowing for quicker referrals and easier consult opportunities and continuity of patient care.
Ownership opportunities available.

Application Contact

Please contact the following clinic / contact person if you're interested in the position

Currents of Windermere SW - Edmonton

Phone: 403-910-3990 ext 213
Fax: 403-910-0449